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Services & Fees

Whether it’s a one off consultation visit for advice and inspiration or you want a completely new garden, needing plans, construction details and planting schemes, Paul can offer a friendly, personal and professional service to fulfil your requirements.

Site consultation

A site visit is the first stage. We will discuss your requirements and get a feel for the garden and what can be done. It is important that all the family has a say at this stage to avoid unnecessary changes later on. Usually design ideas, and horticultural advice are offered at the first visit, which may be all you need. This can be followed up with a site report as required. After this initial consultation you may wish to go ahead with commissioning a design.

Garden Design

A return visit will be necessary to get more information about the site to be redesigned. A survey will be needed to create a scaled drawing, notes taken, photographs and soil samples will also be done. Often on difficult, large or gardens of varying slopes and levels an external Chartered Land Surveyor will be required which can be sourced on your behalf. It is important to get as clear and correct representation of the garden at this stage to improve the quality of the work to be carried out once designed.

A hand-drawn and coloured layout design can then be prepared, based on your requirements and our discussions, this will show the shapes, materials and structures of the garden. You will then be given the finished design with all the associated drawings and schemes to be able to have your garden built.

Project Management

Paul can also guide you through the tendering process helping you find professional and responsible contractors, also manage the construction process for you and even create a long term development and health plan for your new garden.

Anything is possible!


Obviously it is hard to approximate costings for design projects, also the time in which a project can be completed is fairly fluid.

An average garden may fall into a range of around £1500-£2500 to design while construction being completed in a relatively small time frame. monitoring of the construction process being an additional cost.

Conversely a sizeable garden will cost more to design and construct, requiring a major construction project that may take months or even years to implement completely.

A simple and very approximate guide might be to ask oneself what would be spent on a complete refit of the kitchen, it acts as a sliding scale to size and style of house and helps give the idea of the garden being another room outside of the house but intrinsic to the home as a whole.


Based on a time on site basis and occasionally the travel needed. This is a first visit to assess the site, to find out what is required of the site, giving some advice and insight into the planting. The meeting which could last a few hours results in a proposal and quote in writing for proposed design work. The charge of £150 for this visit is offset against any commissioned design work, so its free to clients who proceed!


Estimates for projects cannot be done without a site visit as there are so many variables. However a firm quotation in writing follows the first visit and full terms and conditions are sent to all prospective and new clients.


This would be a separate contract after the design is completed and contractors appointed. I can monitor the process on your behalf, great for larger projects or if clients just don’t have the time. This can be done on an hourly basis currently £45 per hour or as a percentage; 12% of first £10,000 of value of work and 8% of the remaining value. Payment in line with contractors.


Sometimes costs incurred, such as printing will be charged at cost plus a small handling fee, all prices exclusive of VAT. Mileage will be charged at the current AA rate over and above first 30 miles travelled and any other travel costs will be charged at cost, but all these things will be mentioned to you before they are undertaken.